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Caffe with weighted samples

Caffe is a great framework for training and running deep learning networks. However, it does not support weighted samples, which is when you assign an importance for each sample. A weight (importance) of 2 should have the same semantics for a sample as if you made a duplicate of it.

I created an experimental fork of Caffe that supports this:

This modification is so far rough around the edges and likely easy to break. I have also not implemented support for it in all the loss layers, but only a select few.

It works by adding the blob sample_weight to the dataset, alongside data and label. The easiest way is to save the data as HDF5, which can easily be done through Python:

import h5py
import os

# X should have shape (samples, color channel, width, height)
# y should have shape (samples,)
# w should have shape (samples,)
# They should have dtype np.float32, even label

# DIR is an absolute path (important!)

h5_fn = os.path.join(DIR, 'data.h5')

with h5py.File(h5_fn, 'w') as f:
    f['data'] = X
    f['label'] = y
    f['sample_weight'] = w

text_fn = os.path.join(DIR, 'data.txt')
with open(text_fn, 'w'): as f:
    print(h5_fn, file=f)

Or, if you have our deepdish package installed, saving the HDF5 can be done as follows (also see this post):, dict(data=X, label=y, sample_weight=w))

Now, load the sample_weight in your data layer:

layers {
    name: "example"
    type: HDF5_DATA
    top: "data"
    top: "label"
    top: "sample_weight"  # <-- add this
    hdf5_data_param {
        source: "/path/to/data.txt"
        batch_size: 100

The file data.txt should contain a single line with the absolute path to h5_fn, for instance /path/to/data.h5. Next, hook it up to the softmax layer as:

layers {
    name: "loss"
    type: SOFTMAX_LOSS
    bottom: "last_layer"
    bottom: "label"
    bottom: "sample_weight"  # <-- add this
    top: "loss"

The layer SOFTMAX_LOSS is one of the few layers that have been adapted to use sample_weight. If you want to use one that has not been implemented yet, take inspiration from src/caffe/softmax_loss_layer.cpp. Remember to also update hpp and cu files where needed. If you end up doing this, pull requests are welcome.